How Cool is That? (–196ºC)

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Chef Jefferson Alvarez dazzled us with a spectacular multi-course tasting menu and cooking demonstration in the Victoria Drive store on a beautiful summer evening.

Every dish – from a perfectly roasted bison loin to a gelato conjured out of a cloud of evaporating liquid nitrogen – was inspired by exotic peppercorns and peppercorn-like spices including long peppercorns, Jamaican peppers (allspice), cubeb peppers and grains of paradise.

Chef Alvarez loves cooking with game, loves desert, is passionate about spices and is inspired by the foods and techniques encountered on his travels, most recently in Spain where he “got new inspirations by exploring and working with all the molecular gastronomy and charcuterie, and the uniqueness of the iberico pork and original tapas style food”.

At a recent meal at Divino, Joyce and I closed the menus and placed ourselves in the hands of chef Alvarez and sommelier David Fert. The food was fabulous – inventive and beautifully presented – and the wine pairings witty and enlightening. If you haven’t tried Divino yet, check it out.