Salt is Salt, Right?

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Himalayan Pink Salt, Espresso-Infused Seas Salt, Lime-Infused Sea Salt, Hawaiian Black Sea Salt, Hawaiian Red Alaea Sea Salt, Ginger-Infused Balinese Sea Salt and Smoked Sea Salt

Wrong. Salt is the most potent ingredient in your kitchen, and at the very least you should replace that carton of Sifto with a good quality fine sea salt. Then add a coarser salt such as fleur de sel for when texture and appearance are important – on a steak or foie gras, or to finish a caramelized desert.

Beyond that, the diverse tastes, textures, colours and fragrances of South China Seas specialty salts can transform the ordinary into something special – try skewers of tinned tropical fruits on a bed of crushed ice sprinkled with lime sea salt or Hawaiian black salt, or a grilled lamb chop finished with smoked or espresso-infused salt. Ask for a taste of any of our salts the next time you are in one of the stores.

Fermented Black Garlic

Photo: Tracey Kusiewicz

Black fermented garlic has a sweeter, richer, mellower and more complex flavour than just plain garlic, with a slight smokiness and notes of molasses and port wine. Try it in any of the classic recipes in which garlic plays a starring role – tapenades, compound butters, aioli, garlic prawns, sopa de ajo …

Long used in traditional Taoist medicine for its purifying and anti-inflammatory properties, Black garlic has higher anti-oxidant levels than raw garlic.

Here’s a black garlic/ancho riff on the rustic Spanish/Mexican classic Sopa De Ajo.