Spanish Seafood Celebration: Thursday, November 29, 2012

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Only the Japanese eat more seafood per capita than the Spanish, and when it comes to the fruits of the sea, no other nation can match the culinary panache of Spain.

The abundance is easily explained by Spain’s geography and relationship with the sea – the proximate Mediterranean and Atlantic waters, cold mountain rivers teaming with salmon, a great tradition of maritime exploration, trade and conquest – and the flamboyant creativity is a dazzling reflection of the many cultural influences – Arab, North African, Jewish, French and the New World – that have shaped Spanish regional cultures.

Fish cooked with brandy and sherry, squid in its own ink, tender octopus, creamy brandada de bacalao, seafood in a luscious, French-inspired saffron béchamel… from hearty fisherman’s stews to elegant tapas, this class celebrates Spanish regional seafood cookery.

Photo: Yosh Kasahara

Photo: Yosh Kasahara

Classes are held at our Victoria Drive location. They begin at 7:00pm and wrap up at about 10:00. Attendance is limited to 10 – 12 persons, depending on the complexity of the menu.

Congenial company, abundant and interesting food to learn about and enjoy, wine and beverage pairings and recipes to take home make for an evening out that combines the best of a cooking class with a spectacular restaurant meal.

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“The South China Seas cooking class is a culinary experience like no other. The lucky few who get to attend Don & Joyce’s class know exactly how fortunate they are – a first class meal; an education in food, cooking, culture and history; and a wonderful evening. Thank you so much for your class, and please keep it going!” – Yosh (Moroccan Favourites, March 2012)