Spices – are the Spice of Life

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We carry exotic herbs and spices that you will not find anywhere else. But, we also carry the standards – spices that you can buy at any supermarket – but better – fresher, more fragrant, sourced directly in small quantities and prepared and packaged by us. Recent arrivals include “Azafran”. Mexican (or False) Saffron is really dried safflower petals (Carthamus tinctorius). It is used primarily for colour, but other than for colour, it is no substitute for the wonderful and utterly unique bitter-sweet flavour and fragrance of real Spanish saffron. The fragrance and flavour of safflower is very slight, which makes it a better substitute for saffron than turmeric, which has a pleasant but un-saffron-like flavour and fragrance of its own. From Mexico, “azafran” has made its way into Philippine cooking. Use generously to colour foods such as the classic Menudo Amarillo (yellow soup with tripe) or use a pinch as a pretty garnish.

Nutmeg with mace blades photo © Tracy Kusiewicz