Zaatar, Quatre-Épices, and Bespoke Herb and Spice Blends

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Our wonderfully efficient new spice grinding equipment not only saves a lot of time – what took hours now takes only a few minutes – but generates very little heat, resulting in a superior product.

We are taking advantage of this capability by developing new products for our Globavore and South China Seas ranges of spice and herb blends, and by offering “bespoke” herb and spice blends to restaurants and small scale food producers.

Za’atar is the name of any of several fragrant wild thyme varieties from the eastern Mediterranean, and, more famously, the wonderful and ubiquitous mixture that combines za’atar itself with sesame seeds, sumac, sea salt, and sometimes other spices. There are as many za’atar recipes as there are cooks in Lebanon. To make ours, we combine several herbs with sumac and sesame, leaving out the salt, so that you can add it to suit your taste. Use to season meats, vegetables, dressings, yogurt and cheese. Bake it into breads – or dip bread into olive oil, then za’atar. Or even better, combine our Globavore Za’atar with a good quality olive oil (the fruity and peppery Palestinian organic extra virgin olive oil that we sell is perfect) and sea salt for an amazing and adictive dip: za’atar-wu-zeit.


The precise origins of fiery Quatre-Épices (French four-spice) are obscure, but its use in some form dates back centuries. Traditionally used in charcuterie, pâtés, terrines, and, sparingly, even in the sweet kitchen, it is also found in Arabian and French Caribbean cuisine. Pepper remains the main element, but the original blend has morphed into countless quatre, cinq and six-épices variants. Ours combines black and white peppercorns with allspice, cloves, nutmeg and ginger. Excellent in rich braised dishes (lamb shanks, confit), as a meat rub, in gratins, even mashed potatoes…

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If you would like us to work with you to develop a custom blend for your commercial kitchen, contact Don.