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OMG, you’ve got to try it! That’s OMG as in Original Mexican Gourmet, which produces cajeta, the traditional Mexican, goat’s-milk version on dulce de leche using high quality local ingredients, pure vanilla, coffee, and rum. Cajeta (ka-HEH-tah) originates in Guanajuato, where it was originally packaged in little wooden boxes or cajas. From this it derives its unusual name, as in: “When you go to Guanajuato, bring me back a little box (cajeta) of that wonderful goat milk dulce de leche they make there.

Rich, sweet (but not cloyingly so) cajeta is exquisite on crepes, ice cream, as a layer on an easy (lie about using supermarket frozen puff pastry) rustic apple or pear tarte, in flans, cheesecakes, crème bruléVanilla, Rum, and Espresso flavours.

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Chef Rossana Ascencio sampling her cajeta at SCS.

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