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Black Friday Sale Begins!

Dukkah Spice

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Size: 55 g / 1.93 oz

Introducing our Dukkah spice, also spelled duqqa or dukka, is a traditional Egyptian spice blend that has a long and fascinating history. Its origins can be traced back to ancient Egypt, where it was created as a simple and flavorful condiment. The word "dukkah" is derived from the Arabic verb "to pound," referring to the traditional method of preparing the spice blend. Historically, dukkah was primarily a mixture of ground nuts, seeds, and spices. Its exact recipe would often vary from region to region and family to family, with each household having its own unique combination of ingredients. The ingredients used in dukkah were typically based on what was readily available in the local area.

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Unlock the culinary wonders of Dukkah recipe, a versatile spice blend that promises to elevate your dishes and awaken your senses with its harmonious fusion of flavors and enticing aromas. Indulge in the irresistible texture and the warm, aromatic notes that Dukkah adds to roasted vegetables, succulent meats, and refreshing salads. Elevate your culinary creations to new heights as this exceptional blend imparts a delightful crunch and a symphony of flavors. Take your taste buds on a journey of discovery by sprinkling this unique and healthy spice blend over freshly popped popcorn, or mix it into creamy yogurt for a truly gratifying snack experience.


Our carefully curated blend brings together the richness of sesame seeds, the vibrant essence of coriander, the earthy allure of cumin, the delicate touch of fennel seeds, and the delightful nuttiness of almonds. These delectable ingredients are skillfully toasted to perfection, ensuring their flavors are elevated to a tantalizing intensity, before being expertly ground into a coarse, flavorful powder.

About South China Seas

About South China Seas

Since 1994, South China Seas has spent over 30 years sourcing the most intense and flavourful spices from around the world. We grind, blend and package our spices in Vancouver, Canada. Our ever-growing collection of spices, herbs and blends represents our passion for global flavours & exploring international cultures through food. 

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"The definitive location for all of your exotic cuisine needs, the South China Seas Trading Company does an excellent job of stocking unique items from all over Asia, Latin America, India and the Caribbean."

"Excellent spot to find otherwise obscure ingredients. I found long peppercorns after a year of searching and real wasabi!"

"I've been shopping at South China Seas for over 20 years and I'm always happy with the selection of products . . . I can always find the sauces and ingredients that I need for my favourite Chinese, Japanese, Indian, and Latin American recipes."