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Moroccan Nights Spice

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Size: 250 g / 8.75 oz
Immerse yourself in the enchanting aromas and flavors of the traditional Souk markets of Morocco with Moroccan Nights Spice Rub, a captivating blend that transports you to the heart of Moroccan cuisine. Moroccan cuisine is renowned for its rich and aromatic flavors, often incorporating a blend of spices that create a unique and vibrant taste. A spice rub inspired by the Souk markets of Morocco could be a fantastic addition to various dishes.

Staff Tips & Tricks

Moroccan Spice blend is the perfect companion for braised meats and vegetables, particularly when prepared in a traditional tagine. Let the enticing blend infuse your dishes, creating a tapestry of taste and aroma that will transport you to the exotic flavors of Morocco.

For those who prefer the fiery embrace of an open grill, Moroccan Spice Mix adds an irresistible touch to meats and vegetables kissed by the flame. Allow the fragrant spices to enhance the natural flavors, adding depth and complexity to your grilled creations.


Inspired by the vibrant spice stalls, this aromatic blend combines toasted cardamom, turmeric, allspice, and cinnamon, harmoniously blended with pepper, saffron, and brown sugar to create an intensely fragrant and flavorful spice rub.

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