Exquisite French and Spanish EVOOs and Specialty Vinegars Again Available at Our Public Market Location

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Back in May, we were constrained by CMHC, our Granville Island landlord (out of an entirely reasonable concern about product duplication in the Public Market) from offering our lines of superior Spanish and French extra virgin olive oils, as well as aged Sherry vinegars, specialty vinegars such as an amazing white wine vinegar infused with North African lemons and a line of artisanal apple cider vinegars from Quebec.

We are pleased to announce that we have been successful in persuading CMHC that our unique products extend the offerings of the Market, rather than compete with products offered by other GIPM businesses.

Just in time for the Holidays!

The buttery Spanish and delicate French extra virgin oils (natural or co-pressed with herbaceous and citrusy Mediterranean aromatics) are of distinguished provenance, and really stand out from the flood of inferior “extra virgin” oils on the market. Quality vinegars are amongst chefs’ best-kept secrets, and the bright and complex flavours of our specialty vinegars will take your cooking to a new level. (We have not yet cleared our amazing A l’Olivier fruit pulp vinegars for sale in the GIPM – we will keep you posted.)


In deference to our good neighbours in the Granville Island Public Market, who collectively sell an extensive and impressive range of Italian oils and vinegars, we will continue to offer our superlative Italian extra virgin oils and balsamic vinegars only online and at the Victoria Drive store. (All products on our website, however, including Italian oils and aged balsamic vinegars, can be ordered online for pick up at either retail location.)

Detailed information about all of our oils and vinegars is easily accessed through the search function on this site.