Raw, Organic Nama Shoyu

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nama-shoyu-large Shoyu means soy sauce; nama translates roughly as raw, or living, and this superb, organic Japanese soy is the newest addition to our range of premium soy sauces. Made with organic soybeans and mountain spring water, this artisanal product is traditionally aged for at least two years in cedar casks.

Best used to finish sushi and other delicate foods where it’s complex and

delicate flavour and bouquet shine through.

All of our soy sauce is naturally brewed; a soybean and grain mash is fermented with various mold and bacteria cultures and salt, which breaks down the proteins and starches and produces complex umami flavours. This process takes time and care, as opposed to the alternative process, which involves acid-hydrolyzed soy protein and heat, and takes 3 days.

This latter chemical process can result in the presence of a banned carcinogen – which is why some popular products – Thai Golden Mountain Soy Sauce, for one – are not (legally) sold in Canada. Health concerns aside, non-fermented soy just doesn’t taste as good.The various types of soy we sell are anything but interchangeable. Indonesian and Thai sweet soy sauces and robust Chinese dark soy would ruin sashimi, but are wonderful in hearty dishes.



Tamari is simply soy that has been brewed without wheat, and is therefore suitable for those with gluten intolerances (many soy sauces made with wheat may also be tolerated by those with wheat allergies, since the brewing process breaks down the gluten).


White Winter Truffles Available Now


Italian white winter truffles (tuber magnatum) from Piedmont are available now. Quality is spectacular – firm and ripe with loads of that unmistakable and indescribable fragrance.

To keep prices down – and to get the perfect product to you exactly when you want it – we bring in truffles to order. Please place your order by email or telephone (604.254.7470) – order 3 to 7 days in advance.

Prices are volatile, and should be confirmed at time of order, but as of this posting, medium truffles (from 15 to 50 grams) are $460 per 100 grams. That’s not quite as bad as it sounds – a 30 gram truffle – about the size of a golf ball – would cost about $160. (Truffles smaller than 15 grams are slightly less per gram, larger than 50 grams slightly more.)