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Halva Pistachio

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Size: 400 g / 14.1 oz

Based on Greek tradition and traditional way of making since 1927, Handmade Halva Verias Kandylas, pistachio halva is produced from 2 ingredients, high-quality tahini (100% sesame seed spread) and white caramel. The pistachios are added in as well. Halva is commonly known in Greece, south east Europe and countries in the Middle East. It is a sweet snack for every time of the day. Especially in Greece, Halva is the necessary sweet in the period before Easter. Its main ingredient is tahini which has many nutritional benefits. Halva have beneficial properties for the body such as its anti-pyretic and antihypertensive action. It helps in the functioning of the immune system. We can call halva an ‘energybomb’.

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