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Black Friday Sale Begins!
Black Friday Sale Begins!

Instant Miso Soup Powder, Red

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Size: 35 g / 1.225 oz
Muso Instant Miso Soup is a delicious vegetarian soup with surprising savoriness, made with miso and blended with wakame and green onion. The soup is easily prepared by adding boiling water. The main component, soybeans, is an excellent source of natural protein. It is easy to digest because the protein has been partially broken down into amino acids through the natural fermentation process. Miso soup has been an indispensable staple in Japan since ancient times and it tastes delicious! Ingredients: Freeze-dried miso powder(72.5%) (whole soybeans, rice, sea salt), tapioca dextrin, sea salt, wakame sea vegetable, long green onion, onion powder, kombu sea vegetable powder, shiitake mushroom extract, yeast extract

About Muso

The MUSO Group is founded on the principles of Macrobiotics and was established 30 years ago by Shuzo Okad under the statement "Food is the foundation of life".

Macrobiotics is not a fad or trend, it's a basic traditional way of living, providing fundamental principles of how to live in harmony with nature. Because of their foundation in macrobiotics, their commitment to quality and integrity will never be compromised, regardless of the scale or size of the organization.

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