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Jamaica Chile Lime Sea Salt

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$8.95 - $9.95
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Size: 90 g / 3.15 oz
Explore the vibrant world of flavors with Granville Island Spice Co's Jamaica Chile Lime Sea Salt. This captivating blend unites the zesty allure of lime with the subtle warmth of chile, capturing the essence of the Jamaican culinary heritage. Infuse your dishes with a tantalizing burst of tanginess and mild heat.

Staff Tips & Tricks

spice up your dishes with the vibrant charm of Sriracha Salt. Enhance noodles, stir-fries, and even popcorn with a sprinkle of this creative blend. Delight in its versatility across various Asian cuisines, infusing your cooking with a delightful kick. To use, simply season your dishes to taste, unlocking the sensational combination of spicy and tangy notes.


Our Jamaica Chile Lime Sea Salt is a harmonious blend of sea salt, zesty lime, and mild chile, carefully crafted to encapsulate the essence of Jamaican flavors.

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