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Khmeli Suneli spice blend

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Size: 60 g

Enjoy the warming flavours of Khmeli Suneli. This spice mix is found in most dishes in Georgia thanks to its versatility and delightful combination of flavours. Now you can enjoy it at home and infuse the tasty mix into your cooking. Just like a curry spice, you can use Khmeli Suneli as a similar ingredient. It adds a delicious flavour to vegetables, adds robustness to a meat stew and enhances the flavour of a roast chicken. It enhances roast lamb and livens up rice dishes. It adds interest to sauces and gives soups a delicious bite. Its savoury taste also works well with Mexican-style food so try adding it to a chilli dish or use it when you next make some tacos. This all-purpose seasoning mix is incredibly fragrant with a mixture of nutty, warm and grassy flavours. Often likened to India’s garam masala for its complex blend and many uses, this staple ingredient in Georgian cooking gives depth to a multitude of dishes.

This traditional spice blend includes fenugreek, savory, coriander, bay leaves, dill weed, tarragon and black pepper. 


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