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Sumac & Spice Dip

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Size: 90 g / 3.15 oz

Experience the tangy and flavorful delight of our Sumac & Spice Dip, a super easy-to-make dip that adds a burst of exotic flavors to your culinary adventures. Immerse yourself in the world of bold flavors and awaken your taste buds with this exquisite dip. Unleash the vibrant flavors of sumac, pepper, cayenne, and salt with our Sumac & Spice Dip.

Elevate your appetizers, snacks, and meals with a dip that is as easy to make as it is delicious to savor. Let the tangy and spicy essence of our Sumac & Spice Dip add a unique twist to your culinary creations, leaving you craving for more.

Staff Tips & Tricks

Creating this dip is a breeze! Simply mix 1 tablespoon of our dip starter with 1/2 a cup of yogurt or sour cream. Add a generous glug of olive oil and a squeeze of lemon to balance the flavors. Adjust the quantities based on your personal taste preferences, allowing you to customize the dip to perfection.

With no artificial preservatives or flavors, you can enjoy the pure and authentic taste of our Sumac & Spice Dip and spicy dill pickle dip. Pair it with fresh vegetables for a refreshing and zesty dip, or spread it on sandwiches for an extra kick. Let your creativity guide you as you explore the endless possibilities of this flavorful condiment.


The key ingredients of sumac, pepper, cayenne, and salt create a harmonious blend that awakens your taste buds with a tantalizing combination of tangy, spicy, and savory notes.

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"The definitive location for all of your exotic cuisine needs, the South China Seas Trading Company does an excellent job of stocking unique items from all over Asia, Latin America, India and the Caribbean."

"Excellent spot to find otherwise obscure ingredients. I found long peppercorns after a year of searching and real wasabi!"

"I've been shopping at South China Seas for over 20 years and I'm always happy with the selection of products . . . I can always find the sauces and ingredients that I need for my favourite Chinese, Japanese, Indian, and Latin American recipes."