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Tonka Beans

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Size: 30 g / 1.06 oz

Experience the extraordinary allure of Tonka Beans, a culinary gem that adds a distinctive and earthy flavor to your favorite dishes. Sourced sustainably and grown ethically, these beans are the perfect choice for conscientious cooks who appreciate both exceptional taste and responsible sourcing.

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Indulge in the richness of Tonka Bean's dipetryx odorata as they infuse your stews, curries, and chocolate desserts with a unique depth of flavor. Their aromatic essence enhances the complexity of savory dishes, lending them an enchanting twist that captivates the senses.
Embrace the ethereal allure of Tonka Beans and savor the incredible depth they bring to your cooking. From hearty stews to luscious chocolate desserts, these beans create an unforgettable taste experience that will leave a lasting impression on your guests and loved ones.
Embrace the magic of Tonka Beans and explore the endless possibilities they offer in your kitchen. Experience the unique earthy essence and depth of flavor that sets these beans apart, and let them become a treasured secret ingredient in your culinary repertoire. With Tonka Beans, your dishes will be transformed into culinary delights that enchant and enthrall all who taste them.


Tonka Beans (dipetryx odorata)

About South China Seas

About South China Seas

Since 1994, South China Seas has spent over 30 years sourcing the most intense and flavourful spices from around the world. We grind, blend and package our spices in Vancouver, Canada. Our ever-growing collection of spices, herbs and blends represents our passion for global flavours & exploring international cultures through food. 

"The definitive location for all of your exotic cuisine needs, the South China Seas Trading Company does an excellent job of stocking unique items from all over Asia, Latin America, India and the Caribbean."

"Excellent spot to find otherwise obscure ingredients. I found long peppercorns after a year of searching and real wasabi!"

"I've been shopping at South China Seas for over 20 years and I'm always happy with the selection of products . . . I can always find the sauces and ingredients that I need for my favourite Chinese, Japanese, Indian, and Latin American recipes."