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“I love this store!” “Whenever I’m in Vancouver, South China Seas is on my list.” “I wish you would open a location in (name of city here).”

“We came here straight from the airport!”

With comments like these, it’s not surprising that we look forward to seeing our out-of-town “regulars”. Drop by to pick up difficult-to-ship and/or seasonal items (Thai basil, fresh galangal, Junko’s Salad Dressing, kaffir lime leaves, turmeric, curry leaves, Mexican limes, Meyer lemons…), for a restaurant recommendation, cooking advice – or just to say hello.

Our Granville Island location has been a Public Market institution for 25 years and is surrounded by artisanal bakeries, fishmongers, butchers, sausage makers, cheese merchants, a brewery – even a sake maker. Our Victoria Drive location is just two blocks off Commercial and a great place to finish off a half day’s exploration of “The Drive”.

Our Vancouver Store Locations:

Granville Island Public Market

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125–1689 Johnston Street
Vancouver, BC Canada V6H 3R9

9:00 am–6:00 pm
(seven days a week)

Commercial Drive Neighbourhood

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1502 Victoria Drive
Vancouver, BC Canada V5L 4H2

10:30 am–6:00 pm
(closed Mondays, Tuesdays & Stat Holidays)

Do you have any questions or comments about our products, website or retail stores? Is there a product you are looking for and can’t find here? Are you interested in a particular cooking class experience? Would you like to sell South China Seas products in your retail store? Contact Us.

South China Seas at Wild Rice in New West

Need to stock up your pantry and can’t make it to Vancouver? Many South China Seas products (herbs, spices, chiles, exotic rices and couscous) are now available at the acclaimed Wild Rice Market Bistro in River Market, the brilliantly rebranded and reinvented former Westminster Quay Public Market.

A Real Store with Real Customers

In an earlier post we wrote that we were intent on building an ecommerce site that would “replicate the experience of shopping in our stores as closely as possible, by providing lots of information, and making the process straightforward, transparent and secure.”

It has been a time consuming and dauntingly technical process: endless hours of copy writing and coding, hundreds of photographs, a whole new vocabulary of acronyms and techy jargon to be learned – but by and large, I think that we have achieved the goal of building an online store that feels like South China Seas.

Sure, many orders are anonymously placed and routinely filled, but like any Saturday afternoon in the Public Market or on Victoria Drive, there are customers who ask questions, share stories, tell us what they are making for dinner, and get exited about finding an ingredient they hadn’t seen since childhood on the other side of the world – real customers:

“Thank you for letting me know about the limes. I live in a rural area and love cooking and they are not easy to find. Our little disability group, Measuring Up, assists people with disabilities, and one of our projects is to cook nutritious and culturally appropriate foods for many elders in our area. The current Meals on Wheels organized by the government does not meet healthy nutritional standards and cannot support people that eat things that are not vegetables boiled to mush and meat preparations made in bulk by a private company 170 KM away.

Currently we are busy canning, and as the garlic and pepper season is here, will be making lots of chutneys, salsas and curries to can. The Similkameen Valley is amazing for organic everything.

I am also blind which has its own set of challenges when trying to find websites that are easy to navigate independently. This is my first time using your site and it was so easy to work with. The talking program on my apple computer was easily able to read out every part of your website. I went through and figured out what I needed. I have been to your store in the past on a trip to Vancouver but did not realize you are now online. You are saving me an amazing amount of time and frustration, trying to describe to people what I need when they go to Vancouver or purchasing from the states and then having to find someone to drive me across the border to pick it up.

I cannot tell you how much it has meant to me to be able to order fresh kaffir limes and to know the cost, number I wanted, and to confirm that was what I was ordering without any help. Will you be putting your salad dressings on line too?

I will be ordering regularly from you and just wanted to appreciate your work and willingness to have a great website and a great selection and great descriptions of items.”

Thank you
Heather and Guide Dog Nimitz

Luksana teaches high-energy, hands-on and totally authentic Thai cooking classes in beautiful, but remote, Bamfield, on the west coast of Vancouver Island. We are pleased to be able to send her the fresh herbs and other hard-to-get ingredients that she needs, and we are delighted that she shares her menus and class photos with us. If you are in the neighbourhood you should definitely check out Luksana’s classes.


Luksana in her Thai cooking class.

Luksana in her Thai cooking class.