Tchaba Tea Masters

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The Tchaba Tea Company was founded in Marrakech in 2006 with a vision of creating a line of premium teas for sale in the luxury market – primarily in 5-Star hotels and spas – in the Middle East and North Africa.

Only premium whole leaf teas are chosen from estates in China, Sri Lanka, Japan and India. The fruits, berries, flowers, herbs and spices, which are often combined with the tea leaves, are selected with equal care.

The intense fragrance and flavours of the resulting blends are protected with careful and innovative packaging, which provides a three-year shelf life.







At $21.95 for a 100-gram canister, this tea is expensive compared to mass-market brands, but the intense fragrance of the all-natural ingredients yields 50 servings per canister – which works out to only 44¢ for a truly memorable cuppa.

To introduce you to these exquisite teas, we sell three of our favourites – Grand Bleu, an Earl Grey redolent of bergamot, Fleurs de Jasmin green tea, and Oolong Fleurs d’Oranger – as individual tea bags (only at our retail locations).