We Can’t be Alone Without Each Other

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There is a growing unease about isolation and physical distancing, and no amount of scolding – and certainly not threats – will alleviate it. It’s in our DNA to need each other. That’s why people are serenading health care workers from their balconies.

In the last week or so, signs have appeared around the Public Market admonishing people to “shop alone”. As “essential workers”, we are exposed to the public, in the form of grocery shoppers, every day, but even so, we can’t support this. A public market is not Sobeys.

Shopping at the Market, with a spouse or a housemate, is a small but important joy. It precedes cooking together, and eating together. If done carefully and respectfully, it does not increase our peril. Frankly, it is the occasional lone shopper, armed with a list, rushed and oblivious to those around them, ever conscious of a bored and impatient spouse waiting in the car, that scares us.

Be safe, be respectful, and be aware of your surroundings. Keep your distance, and be grateful that you are not alone.